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Project iDempiere not updated since 1 year ago

Hi, the project iDempiere at has not been updated since one year ago.

I checked and the repository URL listed is:

That URL must work as a redirection, but the real URL must be:

I cannot edit it.
If I try to add that URL as new I receive an error:
"The server did not respond to the 'hg id' command. Is the URL correct?"

Which is strange I can execute successfully that command in my laptop like this:

$ hg id

Can you please take a look?


Carlos Ruiz


Hi Carlos Ruiz;

My apologies that your post went unanswered.

I started a fresh fetch and import of the repository, but we ran into the following issue during import:

hg id --debug -i -q /var/atlasrepos/ohlohrepos/000/000/958/589 --rev default failed:
abort: unknown revision 'default'!

I've opened a ticket so we can look at exactly what is happening during the mecurial import.



Hi Peter, thanks a lot for your help

In the iDempiere repository we don't have a default branch - but is named development

Sorry about that - I know "default" is the standard in most mercurial repositories, but this is inherited as that repository is quite old and it was initially CVS, then SVN, and now mercurial.


Carlos Ruiz


Peter, thanks to your tip is working now. We renamed the development branch to default and everything seems fine.

Thanks for your help.


Carlos Ruiz


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