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Repository not updated for 1+ year

OpenHub has stopped updating my Subversion repository at some point in 2016 (or perhaps even as far back as 2015).

How does OpenHub deal with unreachable repositories? If I restart the server for updates once a month, for example, and OpenHub happens to check the repository just then, will it normally retry or is one failure = end of the line, I have to contact support?

Cygon about 1 year ago

Hi Cygon;

Thanks for the heads up. The project has been updated.

We have an aging formula. If we can't reach a repository, we'll wait for a few hours, then more hours, then a day, then a few days, etc. We'll try 10 times before marking the repository as permanently inaccessible.

The issue with this project is that there were failed jobs due to infrastructure work that weren't cleared out and were blocking new job scheduling. We're working on improving our job failure detection to eliminate this type of probem.


Peter Degen-Por... 12 months ago

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