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Projects not updating: Greenshot and Dapplo

Can you please update the analysis for my projects: (not updated for 21 days) (not updated for 18 days)



Hello Robin,

Thank you for writing to us.

Yes, the projects has been updated now.

Happy to Help!

rapbhan 22 days ago

Somehow the information for Greenshot is not correctly updated, it also mentioned that there are 3 locations while only 2 are visible.

I removed all repositories, and tried to add "" but got the following:
"A repository with the url: and branch_name develop already exists for this project."

Now when I try to see the Greenshot project, on this URL I get the following:
"Something seems wrong with your URL

Open Hub couldn't find the page you were looking for:
There may be a typo in the URL
The page may have moved
You may have followed an outdated link or bookmark
The page may have a different name
Or something else may have happened…
You might try:
Fix any typos or other mistakes in the URL
Hit the Back button and try again
Continue using Open Hub from here with, for example, search
Use our reporting forum to let us know about the problem"

Please have a look!


Hello Robin,

Yes, we have updated the project now.

Happy to Help!

rapbhan 15 days ago

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