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Several projects are not updating for months

Could you please take a look at following projects:


Yegor Yefremov 11 days ago

Adding my own:

Platypush code analysis hasn't been updated since October - 80+ commits have been pushed since then.

blacklight 11 days ago

dpkt repos will be synced but the project as such won't be analyzed.

Yegor Yefremov 3 days ago

Hello Yegor,

Thank you for writing to us.

Yes, the project has been updated now.

We're working on updating the other projects as well and will keep you posted here.

Happy to Help!

Paddy 2 days ago

The following projects has been updated as well:

Happy to help!

Paddy 1 day ago

Great! Thanks for updating the projects.

Beremiz is still making trouble. I have no problems cloning the repositories via:

hg clone
hg clone

I wonder what is the problem for OpenHub to clone them.


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