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Merging projects

Is it possible to merge projects on OpenHub? I have painstakingly set up and configured years ago, including such things as having ignored folders during code scan, adding links, the correct license, adding the official logo, etc...

Now it seems like someone has set up a sloppy copy based on our GitHub mirror at (the other project is based on our official source location instead)
This does not provide any extra information compared to the already existing "modplug" project, it shows the wrong license, counts the lines of code of our dependencies, etc...
Can this project please be deleted or merged into the one I set up a long while ago? Thanks in advance.


sagamusix 24 days ago

Hi Johannes;

Yes, there is a way to do this. On the unwanted project, you can select "Report Duplicate".

I've merged the unwanted OpenMPT project into ModPlug

  • pdp

Thanks for taking care of it!

sagamusix 7 days ago

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