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Hello everyone,,
I have run into a problem I can't get around: the following file causes a failure any time we try to retrieve it... file:trunk/tests/AbZipperTests.pas Since r248 it has an error associated with it (svn: Inconsistent line ending style)
At r248 (Jan 11, 2010), some change was made which included line endings differing from those which existed before. The changes appear to be in line 64, 602 and/or 615. Somewhere within those changes a DOS-style line ending (CR-LF) was introduced into a file which previously only contained linux-style line endings (LF only) or vice-versa. There are administrative tools available that will allow a repair to that revision (and those following?) which will resolve this error. Hopefully there are no others to be found.

Regarding exclusions, we need to retrieve a complete fetch of the repository successfully to put in place an ignore order.

Let me know here once the problem is resolved and I'll re-fetch the enlistment.


Lincon12 25 days ago

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