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Hello everyone,,
I have two suggestions on how to improve the code analysis of projects:

The first concerns the Block "Languages". Inline Assembly (ie inside C++) is not counted. It would be nice to see Inline Assembly being counted as Assembly, since i think this is the most widespread use of Assembly. mobdro

Secondly, I would like to see in the Block "Lines of Code" the colors for blanks, comments and code to be more distinguishable from each other, the 3 shades of blue are to close to each other.

Thanks ahead

Lincon 16 days ago

Hi Lincon;

Thanks for your suggestions. For the Ohcount suggestion, perhaps you would like to open a PR with that improvement? Ohcount is an OSS project and we rely upon community support for new functionality.

Thanks for your point about the Lines of Code colors. We've got some updates in the works and will keep this in mind.



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