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MaRC project: Cannot remove code locations

I've tried removing two unrelated code locations from the MaRC project ( over the past two days but they keep reappearing. They were inadvertently imported from my GitHub account when I added the new MaRC code location.

The code locations that should be removed are:

How do I permanently remove them?

Thanks for your help!

Ossama Othman about 1 month ago

Now other unrelated repositories are being pulled into the MaRC project on Open Hub. Given that it doesn't appear to work as expected, is there away to undo the GitHub account association?


Ossama Othman 29 days ago

Hi Ossama Othman;

It looks like there was an issue with the background job that was pulling in the repositories from the account. By design, that job pulls in all available public repositories. However, it looks like the job had problems and took a really long time to complete, which is why it appeared bo be adding other repositories over time.

Please check the set of enlistements at the project and see if they are correct.

There was a problem importing the commit activity from the repository. I've scheduled a fresh Fetch and Import to see if that fixes the issue.



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