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Statistics 4 months out of date (X2Go code)

It looks like X2Go's statistics and code imports are not up to date.

While I'm pretty sure you'll fix this soon after being mentioned, I'm more interest in the reason for it not updating correctly. Is it an OpenHub problem or something I could have fixed myself?

gageyori 28 days ago

Hi Gageyori;

Sorry for the delay in responding. Yes! These are things you can fix yourself. Unless a project is locked by the managers, its available to members of the Open Hub to update project description, tags, and enlistments

I did find one Enlistment ( ) that failed while downloading the code and have scheduled a new Fetch Job for that.

But, if you see enlistments that are outdated (no more work is being done on that repository or branch), then please remove them and add the correct ones.

With some 500K OSS projects, the Open Hub depends upon its members to maintain the details of the projects. If you could edit the project and get it up to date, we'll do our best to keep the enlistments up to date. And, if there is a correct enlistment that is having a problem, please use these Forums to let us know!




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