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Yet another project not updating.

Hello everyone,,
I'm the lead developer for QuickFAST ( which is actually on Google Code.

The listing here: says it was Analyzed 3 days ago. It show no current contributors (there have been 5 different contributors this year), over 1 year since the last commit (there were 13 commits in June and July including a new release.) and very low activity (see the previous two points). How can we get this fixed?

It might be of interest that the project was changed from Subversion to Mercurial a couple of years ago.

Dembe 26 days ago

Hi Dembe;

Sorry for the delay in responding.

It would be super helpful if you were to edit the Enlistments and delete the outdated ones and replace them with the new source code locations.

Could you help us out with that? With some 500K projects, we just can't keep up with all the changes and rely on member of the OSS community to keep information up to date.




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