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Invalid user commit count shows that I have only 1 commit in projects "asap" and "recoilib", while in fact I have about a thousand in each of these. You can see that the graph clearly shows more than one commit.
It also affects my total commit count.
This seems to be a problem for recently run analyses.

Piotr Fusik 20 days ago

I have the same problem. It shows only 1 commit in Maxima, Chibi-Scheme, Tor and the Ruby Nmap::Parser library.

Kris Katterjohn 17 days ago

Same for me. I lost around 10000 commits from the profile page. There is a problem with almost all projects. Just as an example this one: we can see that there is 0 contributors even if there is a lot of commits.

Cedric Bonhomme 16 days ago

Hi Folks; we recently deployed brand new Ohloh Analytics code which replaced rather outdated legacy code. We are aware of these inconsistencies and are working to corrent them as quickly as possible.


Hi Folks; We have opened a blocker ticket to look into the issue.


I see that some of my project look OK while others are still stuck at one commit.

Piotr Fusik 1 day ago

Hi Piotr; thanks for calling this to our attention, we are looking into this scenario and believe we understand the root cause.


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