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negative comment line count

There are -7 XML Comment lines listed for openafsclientmmc.

Brant Gurganus almost 10 years ago

Hmmm, that's not good.

Our line counter is incremental: as each new commit is processed, the running total is updated.

Usually, when our line counts are wrong, it's because we made some improvements in our line counter between updates. The result is that the "old way" of counting doesn't always exactly match the improved "new way".

Or, there is simply a bug.

I've scheduled a full recount of the project, which will eliminate the chance that this was caused by ongoing changes to our line counter. If the negative total remains, I'll have to look for a bug.


Robin Luckey almost 10 years ago

Hmm, the line count seems more sensible now. However, I think that getting rid of that path with spaces in it broke the sync since it said it failed. Does that need to just be /trunk now as a result?

Brant Gurganus almost 10 years ago

SubDownloader also has a negative comment lines number (-1) for XML, which induces a negative comment ratio (-0.3%).

Emilien over 9 years ago

Hi! We have moved the external libraries we're using to another folder in SVN and now we are using svn externals to load them. So, now ohloh should only read what it's our code. The project is #lamia.

The thing is that in the recount of Javascript files i'm getting: -135.2% comment ratio. ^_^

Should i wait for the next recount? Or it's a known bug or something?

Thank you, Asier.

Asier Illarramendi over 9 years ago

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