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Contributors from SVN repository found, but not displayed

there seems to be a problem with project Flexible Localization (
correctly states that there are "2 developers" working on the project, but the contributors list is empty:

Looking at the commits results in an error message:
("Sorry, we can't show this page because of an application error")

I've tried deleting and re-adding the enlistment, without any success. Curiously, other projects of mine, also hosted at SourceForge and by the exact same team of 2 contributors show no such problems in their Ohloh entries.

Hope someone can help me fix this,
thanks in advance,

Florian Haag over 8 years ago


We've determined the cause of this problem. It's due to some corrupted data in ohloh's database.

There is a simple rebuild command we can run to re-generate this data which fixes your project. However we need to run this directly on the production servers which we don't have access to right now.

We will be migrating the servers from Chicago to Boston in a few weeks at which point we'll have full access.

At that point I'll fix this project. I'll reply here once it's all fixed.

RobertSchultz over 8 years ago


The problem has been fixed :)

RobertSchultz over 8 years ago

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