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JMeeting, last update 15 days ago

Hi dennis56,

We've been behind on project updates this month and are catching up now.

I did however schedule an update of JMeeting for you, so it should be done today.

Andy Verprauskus over 12 years ago

Andy hi

i am a long time fan of jmeeting, but its been a while since i have been to the site due to all sorts of computer problems. Anyway i have tried to go to the site, but cant. i input into my browser but it says the page cannot be displayed for some reason. please help its driving me crazy

jenslo69 over 10 years ago

Hi Jenslo69,

I am able to browse from both Safari and Firefox (both running on a Mac).

Unfortunately, I have no idea what your problem might be in connecting. Page can't be displayed suggests to me that you're able to connect to the website but either it is rejecting your request or perhaps your browser isn't able to display the result.

Some data points which might help others diagnose your problem:
* Have you tried connecting from another computer?
* What OS / browser are you using? Have you tried it with another browser?
* Can you access the site with wget, curl or another command line http utility?

Andy Verprauskus over 10 years ago

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