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git ls-remote

When providing git address get a denial "The server did not respond to the 'git-ls-remote' command. Is the URL correct?" but doing ls-remote on the site gives full listing.

ResCarta over 5 years ago


I have seen that message occasionally myself. I'll need some additional info to work out the details and see if we can establish a combination that works. I'll send an introductory e-mail and let me know by return e-mail what repository you were trying and in what project you'd like to enlist it and I'll see what can be done.


ssnow-blackduck over 5 years ago

I'm still seeing this myself on an ordinary GitHub project. Doing the command line ls-remote works fine.

[Edit] Oops, please disregard. My bad, I had the branch wrong.

Feneric almost 4 years ago

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