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Modula-2 as a new language by gaiusmulley

stale 1 860 over 7 years ago by Robin Luckey

Provide Markdown Syntax help for new topics by Emilien

stale 1 28089 about 8 years ago by Emilien

Forth as a language by Stephan Beyer

stale 2 475 over 9 years ago by Stephan Beyer

t white background to the website: th... by Lapo Luchini

stale 1 1421 about 10 years ago by Andy Verprauskus

I would like to build a maven plugin ... by Anonymous Coward

stale 2 449 over 9 years ago by Jason Allen

Commit gauge should add commits from reintegrated branches by johnboyer

stale 3 819 about 7 years ago by Eldar Abusalimov

Would love to see Darcs support, espe... by awwaiid

stale 52 10290 almost 4 years ago by Marc Laporte

Please add monotone as a supported ve... by Lapo Luchini

stale 4 1221 over 8 years ago by Jens Finkhaeuser

Position gain by mirabilos

stale 0 491 about 9 years ago by mirabilos

Advanced search - perhaps it exists, ... by Anonymous Coward

stale 3 1151 about 9 years ago by Cetin Sert

We are using by Johnny Willemsen

stale 0 423 about 10 years ago by Johnny Willemsen

Beehive Widget/JavaScript Plug by ctomni231

stale 0 292 over 3 years ago by ctomni231

Sort projects by lines of code by Jeffrey Eric Altman

stale 0 671 about 6 years ago by Jeffrey Eric Altman

I'd like to be able to filter project... by Anonymous Coward

stale 2 349 almost 10 years ago by hangy

Ohloh hook for GitHub by Julien Carsique

stale 1 1107 over 1 year ago by NormaTaylor69