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Default Project Logos

While we'd prefer seeing every project on Ohloh have its own unique logo, sometimes a project just doesn't have one yet. That's why we've added default logos to choose from.

We realize the current choices are incomplete. This is where you fit in: please suggest or consider contributing your own. Use this thread to discuss/post ideas on this feature. Thanks!

Jason Allen over 10 years ago

As with the existing generic console app logo, I'd suggest a generic GUI app logo as well; it seems like the most obvious missing choice. For the image, how about something like scalable/apps/preferences-system-windows.svg from gnome-icon-theme, found at ?

Hmmm, come to think of it, the GPL that applies to this image actually does come into play, since you'll distribute a PNG rather than the original SVG source.

Josh Triplett over 10 years ago

You might want a "generic server application" icon. For instance, something like .

Josh Triplett over 10 years ago

one word: openclipart

Iwan Gabovitch over 10 years ago

Server/daemon icon seconded, for projects like djbdns or siproxd.

Pi Delport over 10 years ago

I'd like to put in my vote for a Perl module/project default icon.

The plug style looks great, so options for images to put into the plug include:

  • Camel (the traditional Perl mascot)
  • Onion (as seen at The Perl Foundation)
  • The letters "pm" or ".pm" (for Perl Module)

Using the camel or onion marks may require permission from O'Reilly or The Perl Foundation respectively, but in my experience the chance of them refusing is vanishingly small.

-- Paul

pjf over 10 years ago

Here's the Drupal module logo I've set up for a project I work on. Feel free to reuse, modify, replace it.

bollwyvl about 10 years ago

@bollwyvl: Thanks for the submission - I added it right away.

@pjf: Thanks for the options. I went with the Onion logo (and sent mail to the perl foundation). Here's what it looks like onion logo.

@anmaster: Care to submit an example of what LaTeX plugin would look like?

Jason Allen about 10 years ago

Oh Jason, you are wonderful. ;) If you need help with The Perl Foundation, do let me know.

pjf about 10 years ago

I'd like to have a default image for Chicken Scheme eggs (extension libraries). I think the generic egg image used in the Chicken eggdoc output is a good choice. The "plug" icon is starting to look boring already (lots of projects using it), so just use the egg on its own :)

Peter Bex about 10 years ago

hi, maybe a logo to php software ?

Mario Oyorzabal... about 10 years ago


bughunter2 about 9 years ago

So how 'bout theese? one two three fifteen

Iwan Gabovitch about 10 years ago

My vote is for C# or .Net whichever.

Roger almost 10 years ago

cakephp plugin

Jon Adams over 9 years ago

Another vote for a C# logo.

Stefanos A. over 9 years ago

Greetings y'all! I added:

.NET: dot net logo.

CakePHP Plugin: cakephp plugin

Happy to add more - but please try to be as specific as possible (ie: link to what to use, and for what use).

Jason Allen over 9 years ago

There isn't one for regular PHP applications, so I add my vote for PHP.

xav0989 over 9 years ago

Can you add for MediaWiki extensions?

Also, do you have SVN version of the plug?

Sergey Chernyshev over 9 years ago

I think it would be really used to have a generic 'X' plugin for XML, XSLT, XQuery and related XML technologies

Stuart Yeates almost 8 years ago

how about defaulting to an icon for the primary language of the project

ie php,python,ruby etc

osde8info over 7 years ago

A default icon for Haskell projects would be nice. Here are links to the official logo:

Simon Hengel over 6 years ago

A Django icon would be nice.

Pi Delport about 6 years ago

The C library logo seems to be broken. It doesn't display at all.

Johannes Dewender over 5 years ago

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