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Language error by waddlesplash

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Serious bug in Ohcount by waddlesplash

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Add .jpp as a Java extension by Charles Goodwin

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Support of cuda (.cu files) by Jiri Matela

stale 2 1047 over 6 years ago by Jiri Matela

add support for conary recipes by António Meireles

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new project lineage 2 Gracia Epilogue by l2PhantasyStar

stale 2 1721 over 5 years ago by RobertSchultz

CMake and Python support ('cmake_only' and 'python_only' git branches) by G. B. Versiani

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Ohcount not recursivly scanning directories by docgnome

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Ohcount prefers modeline over file extension by James Ross

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How to add as project source to Open HUB? by Till Maas

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Help on Backward Reference concept of Regular Expression in Ragel Language by Hardik Parikh

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Integer truncation error in src/sourcefile.c:90 by dtzWill

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Building ohcount on OS X by tux_rocker

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