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How often does ohloh update a repository?


Factor seems to have been in an error condition for a few days while the repository works fine for contributors.

Samuel Tardieu over 9 years ago

I'm being constantly updated via email about this thread for last few months -- although I'm interested in updates from forums, I'm not really interested in this particular thread :)

Can you Ohloh-guys check out my suggestion about ceasing this spam in this thread? Thank you :)

Ivan Vučica over 9 years ago

Hi Samuel,

The Factor failure was caused by a bug in our git importer. I've rescheduled the download, and I'll keep an eye on it.


I'd also love it if people would stop posting messages into this thread. I don't know if we have time to write any new forum features, but we might just delete this thread.


Robin Luckey over 9 years ago

Hey Robin,

if the forum is organized like My Ideal Forum (tm) (MIF), then wouldn't it be a few line fix?


function storeThePostedPost($thread, $subject, $body) {


$notifier_mails = $db->query("SELECT DISTINCT FROM posts JOIN users ON users.user = posts.user WHERE thread = " . $db->quote($thread) . ";");

$notifiermails = $notifiermails->fetchAll();

foreach ($notifier_mails as $mail) {

  // send mail here




just change the query into:

SELECT DISTINCT FROM posts JOIN users ON users.user = posts.user WHERE thread = $thread *AND posts.postdate - TODAY() < $threshold ORDER BY posts.postdate DESC*;

Something like that? :)

Or just add locking the thread (also should be a 5 minutes edit)?

Of course, I don't know anything about internals and all stuff I coded web is quite sloppy and never tested in large-scale environments... but shouldn't one of these really be a small-and-easy patch? :)

Sorry for bugging you and hijacking this thread, but this would probably make this forum perfect for Ohloh's needs ;)

Here's another nod for you guys withstanding us, the whining Ohloh community: NOD :)

EDIT: You also desperately need the [code] tag in markdown... Something for pasting preformatted text. This is a developer community after all, isn't it?

Ivan Vučica over 9 years ago

This thread is now locked. If there's a project you want us to update, please create a new thread and tell us the name of the project and any information you know about why it might have failed.


Andy Verprauskus over 9 years ago

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