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LLVM not updated in 9 months 2 rapbhan 10 days ago
project gemstracker not updating 2 rajagopal about 19 hours ago
What is the ETA for bringing automatic updates back? 2 Michał Walenciak 5 days ago
Project Apache Oltu not updating 5 rajagopal 11 days ago
CUBA Platform was not updated for 3 months 4 lavrenkov 3 days ago
Project Metrics are not updating 3 rajagopal 9 days ago
export openhub data 2 Peter Degen-Portnoy 28 days ago
best framework for unit Test + mocking in C++? 1 Michał Walenciak about 14 hours ago
X2Go code and statistics 4 months out of date 3 Mihai Moldovan about 1 hour ago
teracy-dev not updating 4 hoatle 3 days ago

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DuckBuild is a free service provided by Black Duck that allows owners of Open Source Software projects to monitor security risk associated with components used in the projects. DuckBuild fits into your Git Flow development process. Use this forum to ask questions and get support with DuckBuild.

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Ohloh Code: Code Search

Discussion about Ohloh Code and code search.

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The Ohcount Project

Discussion for Ohcount developers, on the open source line counter tool.

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Ohloh API Discussion

Discussion for Ohcount developers, on the open source line counter tool.

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Suggestions for Ohloh 2.0

We actually do want to hear from you and find out how we can make Ohloh THE destination site for FOSS developers.

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FOSS Questions

Ask and answer general questions, like license issues, availability of software packages, development strategies, etc.

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Feedback Forum

An open discussion about how things are working, how you are using Ohloh, and general comment and discussion.

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Technical Issue Help

Need some help? Found bugs. This is the place to go.

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Ohloh General Discussion

Discussions about ohloh's service.

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