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Easier workflow for starting new topics after searches 2 JasonWorley302 about 4 hours
Contributions over multiple organisations 2 dave980 about 5 hours
Ohloh hook for GitHub 2 dave980 about 5 hours
Several projects not updating 102 Sanjeev Gupta about 5 hours
Project not updating 1 Ron Fluegge about 15 hours
Projects update 1 Jean Parpaillon 1 day
Logo upload is broken 6 kervala 1 day
Projects not updated for 2-3 months 2 yuyichao 1 day
projects not updated for a long time 48 ssnow-blackduck 1 day
"No job is scheduled" for project 'Petals' 3 ssnow-blackduck 1 day

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Ohloh General Discussion

Discussions about ohloh's service.

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Ohloh Code: Code Search

Discussion about Ohloh Code and code search.

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Technical Issue Help

Need some help? Found bugs. This is the place to go.

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Feedback Forum

An open discussion about how things are working, how you are using Ohloh, and general comment and discussion.

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Ohloh API Discussion

Discussion for Ohcount developers, on the open source line counter tool.

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The Ohcount Project

Discussion for Ohcount developers, on the open source line counter tool.

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FOSS Questions

Ask and answer general questions, like license issues, availability of software packages, development strategies, etc.

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Suggestions for Ohloh 2.0

We actually do want to hear from you and find out how we can make Ohloh THE destination site for FOSS developers.

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