Argonne National Laboratory

Argonne is a multidisciplinary science and engineering research center, where teams of world-class researchers work alongside experts from industry, academia and other government laboratories to address vital national challenges in clean energy, environment, technology and national security.

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The best tools for a digital workplace are often open source, and this is no accident: open source projects have had to develop smart ways of working to enable their own communities to work together effectively. Open source tools for a digital workplace are not only tools we can use to collaborate ... [More] in, but are also tools we can collaborate on. Surevine provide our customers with a responsive and professional support service, not only for the collaborative tools which make up their digital workplace, but also the open source stack on which these tools run. Surevine are active participants in a number of open source communities, boards and foundations. As you can see, we take open source and open standards seriously. [Less]

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Ignite Realtime

Ignite Realtime is the community site for the users and developers of Jive Software's open source Real Time Communications projects. Your involvement is helping to change the open RTC landscape. Igniterealtime is a professionally-led (from Jive Software) Open Source community composed of end-users ... [More] and developers around the world who are interested in applying innovative, open-standards-based Real Time Collaboration to their businesses. We believe in the potential of the XMPP protocol and we welcome ways to increase its adoption. We put tremendous value on the involvement of Igniterealtime's developer and customer community--their continuous feedback, QA, and development efforts help steer our development path. [Less]

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Grid Protection Alliance (GPA)

GPA is a not-for-profit corporation formed to facilitate and support the development and deployment of comprehensive electric energy system-wide solutions and enhancements to electric sector security through integrated, adaptable, collaborative and rapidly-evolving programs of threat identification ... [More] and analysis and infrastructure research, development, demonstration and technology transfer. GPA focuses on improvements to electric energy resiliency and maintenance of reliability and availability. The efforts accommodate the evolving technology of electric energy systems including Grid Modernization, advanced generation sources, and enhanced systems integration. [Less]

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CZ.NIC is engaged in support of new technologies and projects beneficial to the Internet infrastructure in the Czech Republic. The Association will continue to support projects and services that contribute to greater comfort for Internet users and/or to increased effectiveness or stability of the ... [More] Internet. The Association actively supports education and awareness in relation to issues such as the Czech top level domain, use of domain names, internet technologies, security, and the Internet in general. [Less]

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Savoir-faire Linux

Savoir-faire Linux is an exceptional team of more than 120 free software experts based in Montreal, Quebec City, Paris, Rennes and Lyon who respond efficiently and ingenuously to the constant evolution of information systems.

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Institut de Génomique

About Genoscope « Following its role as a major actor in the Human Genome Project, Genoscope has changed its orientation toward environmental genomics. The exploitation of sequence data including experimental determination of biological functions, notably in the domain of biocatalysis, opens up ... [More] perspectives for developments in industrial biotechnology. It is in this logic of sustainable development that Genoscope is searching for biological solutions in synthetic chemistry, with the aim of reducing pollution and consuming less carbon fossil energy (more)... » Jean Weissenbach [Less]

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Google has released over 20 million lines of code and over 900 projects. Many engineers work on open source projects full time, and even more use their 20% time to create new projects or contribute to their favorite existing projects.

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the OpenAustralia Foundation

Transforming democracy in Australia We build tools to simplify the discovery and use of public data and we share them for free. OpenAustralia Foundation creates free community-based online services for the Australian public. With your help, we hope to connect effectively with our leaders & ... [More] communities through the simple act of living our everyday lives. [Less]

6 projects  |  0 affiliated committers - Live Event Streaming is a group of exciting projects which together create a system for doing both recording and live event streaming for conferences, meetings, user groups and other presentations. We hope that, through our projects, the costs and expertise currently required to produce live streaming ... [More] events will be reduced to near zero. We wish to develop a system where everyone has the ability to record presentations and host live remote participants across the globe. Whether you want to work hands-on with hardware or code in a variety of languages, we have a project for you. Join the team! This information should help you explore the projects and learn how to get started. [Less]

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