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Project Summary

An IRC bot written in PHP. Erebot is designed to be modular, have a clean code and present some of PHP's most advanced capabilities in action.

The bot features:
- plain-text/secure connection to IRC servers
- server auto-connect
- channel auto-join
- auto-identification to a nick server
- internationalized messages
- a few games
- a few tools
- other features you can learn about by downloading the code


bot buildbot chat chatting cross-platform event eventdriven event-driven gpl gpl3 gplv3 gplv3+ internet_relay_chat irc ircbot irc-bot ircclient modular module modules objectoriented object_oriented opensource php php5 php52 php52x php53 php53x phpunit plugin plug-in plugins plug-ins qa

In a Nutshell, Erebot...

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Oct 1 2015 — Oct 31 2015

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Oct 31 2014 — Oct 31 2015
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