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Flashy Slideshows is a GPL project that currently works only on GNU/Linux
The goal of the project is a user-friendly hardware accelerated slideshow application , with zoom/pan effects , Ken Burns effects , smooth transitions , face/edge detection , fast performance , that will look something like PS3 Slideshow , while also beeing compatible with joysticks , touch screen displays for an Iphonish result :)

Also the title "Flashy"-Slideshows has nothing to do with Adobe Flash , the project is written in C++ uses OpenGL , GLUT and WxWidgets as its framework..
Its just supposed to be flashy so I thought it is a fitting project name :)


3d c++ dynamic_content exif freeglut imagegallery imagemagick images imageviewer linux opencv opengl photo photoalbum photogallery pictures slideshow viewer wxwidgets

In a Nutshell, FlashySlideshows...

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