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“Le Terrier d'AbulÉdu” covers a series of free software meant for schools and colleges : they have been created one by one, for the last past ten years, by teachers for other teachers.

Since they were iniatilly meant to fit the AbulEdu networks, they are basically compatible with Debian and Ubuntu, nearly always with GNU/Linux as well as Microsoft Windows, and partly with MacOS.

Their specificity lies in the way they have been developped : instead of being a one-way work, each of them is the result of numerous exchanges, often for months, between teachers and developpers. Here is the reason why the abuledu-fr association has been created, in order to keep in touch with users and to maintain a strong link between both communities.


computer_aided_instruction education educational gnu_linux k12 k12education k12math learning linux linuxdistribution mac macintosh macos macosx mac_osx mac_os_x math mathematicalsoftware mathematics multilingual osx pedagogic pedagogy primary school schoolsoftware teaching windows windows7 windowsxp

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