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Appengine Auto AdminAppengine Admin is simple python package that you can use for creating automatic admin interface for your Google Appengine application.

This project was created in huge inspiration from Django automatic admin application but does not try to precisely copy it. Even the admin panel design is completely different to avoid confusing users that could expect the same functionality from Appengine Admin as from Django admin if the design was the same.

Get the codeYou can either download the latest stable version from Downloads page or use this Subversion command to check out the latest code of Appengine Admin:

svn checkout http://appengine-admin.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/ appengine_adminNote: use underscore ("_") for working copy directory name as dashes "-" are not valid symbols for python package names. Pay attention that default information from Google in Checkout page uses dash in working copy directory name so you should not blindly copy&paste instructions in Checkout page.

DocumentationQuickStart for the impatient. API documentation for those who like to read few words more. List of features. ContactsFeel free to subscribe yourself to Appengine Admin users group and share your experience, seek for advice or just hang around.

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DeveloperValts Mazurs.


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