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Bagisto is an Open Source eCommerce Framework built on Laravel.

Unlike the traditional eCommerce Framework which is almost solved using plugins and extensions, Bagisto offers Multi-Warehouse Inventory which forms its core feature. It enhances and builds complete trust with the customers by delivering goods with absolute reliability.

It has a built-in easy navigable admin panel bundled with functionalities like Multi-Currency, Localization, Access Control Level, Multi-Channel, Payment integration and much more.

With the code-driven approach and tech stack comprising Laravel and Vue.js, developers can easily build their own code on top of it and can change/add anything they want bcoz of fully customizable structure and the mindset with which Bagisto was made.


commerce e-commerce ecommerce ecommerceframeworkmobile ecommerceshoppingcart inventory_management laravel opensource php5 vuejs warehousesystem webshop

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