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CDO Model Repository

CDO is both a development-time model repository and a run-time persistence framework. Being highly optimized it supports object graphs of arbitrary size.

CDO offers transactions with save points, explicit locking, change notification, queries, temporality, branching, merging, offline and fail-over modes, ...

The storage back-end is pluggable and migrations between direct JDBC, Hibernate, Objectivity/DB, MongoDB or DB4O are seamless for CDO applications.


api audit auditing cache cdo client collaboration communication communications data database database_abstraction databases db development distributed distributed_computing distributed-shared-model eclipse emf emfstore framework hibernate java jpa library mapper mapping model model-driven modeling modelling model_repository mysql net4j network networking nio non-blocking_io objectoriented object_oriented objectrelationalmapping oop orm ormap ormapper ormapping ormappingframework ormframework orm_mapper osgi persistence persistencerepository programming remoting repository server sql technology temporal transactions unitofwork versioning

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