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FAT-FREE is a powerful yet lightweight PHP 5.3+ Web development framework designed to help you build dynamic and robust applications - fast!

Condensed in a single 55KB file, the framework gives you access to an all-purpose template engine, flexible cache, integrated unit testing tools, and code profiler. It's so small and fast - it even has a bandwidth throttle for controlling Web server traffic. It's also the only framework that shields you from spam, bandwidth theft, and DoS attacks.

Fat-Free is also packaged with optional plug-ins that extend its capabilities. There are SQL, MongoDB and FlatFile ORM mapper to help simplify database access, tools for accessing web services and many more!

Unlike other PHP frameworks, Fat-Free aims to be usable - not usual.


classes cross_platform database development dynamic easy_to_use fast framework html http libraries lightweight minimalist mongodb mssql mvc mysql object_oriented oop php php5 php53 plugins popular postgresql powerful programming rapid_development sqlite unit_testing webdev xml

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