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Fotowallhomepage: http://www.enricoros.com/opensource/fotowall/sourcecode: http://github.com/enricoros/fotowallblog: http://www.enricoros.com/blog/tag/fotowallFotowall is a creative tool that allows you to layout your photos or pictures in a personal way. You can add pictures, then resize, move, change colors, text, shadows, etc..

Focus is on simplicity, express your creativity! ;-)

2009-12-08 Fotowall 0.9 Source and Windows binaries Released today!Changelog for 0.9 (2009-12-08)Fast, Solid and Integrated Workflow with Home Screen New Contents: Canvas and Wordcloud Graphics Effects Nested Editors LikeBack feedback system Zoomable canvas More than 250 other changes Changelog for 0.8.2 (2009-09-18)Bezier Shaped Text Pictures: Crop and change Opacity Context-sensitive Top-Bar Window Transparency OpenGL Acceleration Many other features, improvements, and bug fixes! Changelog for 0.7.1 (2009-07-23)Flickr content download Qt 4.6 GFX cuteness and network speed (4.6 highly recommended) Rubberband selection of items Prettified properties dialogs Better load/save (even of network objects) Load additional frames + 1 new frame (by Arnaud Tanguy) German translation (by Martin Zimmermann) Check for updates Fixed many bugs Changelog for 0.6 (2009-04-29)PosteRazor Integration Live Video (Linux only, requires a Webcam) Export Wizard (Wallpaper, Image, PosteRazor, Print) XML file format Selection Perspective Exact Size Mode Sepia Effect Changelog for 0.5 (2009-04-11)CD/DVD Cover composition and printing (by Tanguy Arnaud) Rich Text (with extended editing) Glow effect (by Tanguy Arnaud) Properties configurable for all objects Usability fixes Extend load/save image types Perfect relative stacking Changelog for 0.4 (2009-03-29)Image Effects (by Tanguy Arnaud) French Translation (by Tanguy Arnaud) German translation (Martin) Apply properties to All Changelog for 0.3 (2009-03-13)Configuration Panel: right click on an image and edit properties More Frame types (default, heart, Plasma backgrounds) (David Eccher) More Image Formats (bmp, tiff, gif, ...) (Superstoned) Reflections, and really cool ones Mirror the photo by clicking on an axis (Alberto Scarpa) DoubleClick on a picture -> set it as background, and vice-versa (Alberto Scarpa) More pretty (plasma icons) and usable (behavior) frame buttons Stacking order (Superstoned) Export a single picture as-you-see-it on disk Fixed-ratio resize: hold CTRL while resizing Visual Help (Alberto Scarpa) Drag&Drop: better behavior and can change a picture inside an existing frame too Pictures stay on-screen Notes for the Windows DownloadYou must have the Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Redistributable package (1.7MB) installed in your system, otherwise you will get an error. Click here for downloading the file

Last version is 0.9


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