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A Ruby API for using the Major League Baseball Gameday statistics data. MLB provides very deep statistics for all major league baseball games through Gameday. Statistics include not only the typical boxscore stats, but also down to the physics of every single pitch thrown in the game. You can find the speed, movement, and position of every pitch thrown. The Gameday API makes it easy for Ruby developers to work with all this statistical information. The test directory included with the source code contains many examples of how the API can be used. If you prefer to use SVN, the gameday_api is also available via an SVN repository at: http://code.google.com/p/gamedayapi/ If you like this project, be sure to also check out the Baseball-Tracker project also hosted on GitHub. Baseball-Tracker is a web application that uses the gameday_api. You can find a hosted version of Baseball Tracker at http://baseballstatz.heroku.com


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