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Analyzed about 1 month ago. based on code collected about 1 month ago.

This is WordPress plugin, base class you can use to extend and create your own plugin. Along with the base class, you have a Wizard for creating plugins using base class. Wizard itself is created using bas class.

Here is the list of features that are currently implemented:

- multi instance widget support
- multilanguage support
- various filters and actions
- adding unlimited number of external files (css, js…)
- options panele on admin pages
- activity logging
- dump to file of event, strings and object
- creating valid html form elements (hiddn input)


In a Nutshell, GD Plugin Core...


30 Day Summary

Jun 22 2016 — Jul 22 2016

12 Month Summary

Jul 22 2015 — Jul 22 2016



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