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Hadron is a source-based GNU/Linux distribution which is designed for power users. At the same time, Hadron follows KISS principles.

Main power of Hadron comes from lpms, which is a new package manager designed with Python. lpms uses scripts to build packages (like Gentoo's Portage) and noticeably fast. We re-implemented some old features, because we didn't want to use and fix the spaghetti stuff.

You may not find every package you want (e.g. desktop environments) in Hadron, because it's still at development stage. We don't provide an installation media for now. Instead, you can find a rootfs, which is suitable for trying in a chroot environment.


bsd experimental gnu_linux linux linuxdistribution linuxdistro minimal operating-system packagemanagement package-manager python source_code x86 xfce4

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