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Analyzed 3 months ago. based on code collected 6 months ago.

A stock charting and paper trading application written in pure Javascript. JamochaTrade allows the user to fictionally buy and sell stock using real historical data in order to test new strategies, familiarize themselves with a new security or teach/learn about trading stocks.


- 5 chart types (candlestick, bar, ohlc, hlc, line)
- 15, 30, 60 and 90 day charts
- Change chart colors
- Advance time by day, week or month (animated)
- Draw trend lines
- Technical indicators like simple moving averages
- Buy/sell stocks
- Portfolio view
- Market, limit and stop orders
- Pending order pane
- Cancel pending orders
- Change theme of site
- Previously viewed stock data is cached for fast switching
- Most features auto-hide when not necessary to reduce clutter



30 Day Summary

Dec 23 2014 — Jan 22 2015

12 Month Summary

Jan 22 2014 — Jan 22 2015



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