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This project written in Java aims to create free implementation of perfect puzzle game named Brick Shooter.

The project is looking for good soundtrack for JBrickShooter game: short composition to be played in the loop. And it would be nice to add sounds to brick movement and removal. If you have any ideas about that and/or can create small sounds - feel free to mail me to xstranger at gmail.com

12/31/2009: v1.4.1 released. It does not contain serious changes, just small fixes to code for correct work under Java5 and Java Web Start support. Also, this is the first release that has jar-file signed using certificate from CERTUM - General Certification Authority. So starting from now the game does not require to be installed: you can play JBrickShooter directly from this page! Just Click on the "Play Now!" button at the page footer and confirm that you trust game publisher. If you have Java correctly configured with your browser then the jar-file will be automatically downloaded and started. Enjoy the game and Happy New Year!

09/15/2009: Game was published at PlayDeb.net: site founded by GetDeb.net to store games. So please use their repository if you want.

09/07/2009: v1.4.0 released. Contains fix to special brick named "colors" to make it switching colors properly. Also contains change in game logic: it will remove bricks on new level begin automatically if possible.

03/24/2009: Bugfix release: fix to brick color shift caused by special brick in arcade mode.

03/18/2009: Bugfix release: correct brick color indexes as some of them were similar or not pretty. Please use 1.3.1 release instead of 1.3.0.

03/16/2009: New release with theming support including 3 ready to use themes. Fix for arcade-type game loading.

03/04/2009: Bugfix release containing fix to game end detection and game jar-file obfuscation (it decreases compiled code size).

02/27/2009: The new game release: new "arcade" game-type is present. Some restyling was made, one reported issue fixed, added workaround for OpenJDK to display game window correctly, etcetera. Just download, install and play! :)

12/06/2008: The game was published at GetDeb.net. Everybody can download and play it!

10/20/2008: The new release produced. Added savegame slots support, so you will have more power to control your gameplay. Code check targets were added to source control.

09/22/2008: Starting from now the project is using IntelliJ IDEA for development purposes. Thanks to JetBrains for an Open Source License!


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