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JUDSJUDS (Java Unix Domain Sockets) provide classes to address the need in Java for accessing Unix domain sockets.

The source is provided for a shared library containing the compiled native C code, which is called into by the Java UnixDomainSocket classes via JNI (Java Native Interface) to open, close, unlink (delete), read, and write to Unix domain sockets.

JUDS consists of an abstract class UnixDomainSocket and two derived classes, UnixDomainSocketClient and UnixDomainSocketServer. It can simply be used by instantiating one of the two classes. Through the getInputStream and getOutputStream methods, the resulting instance can be used to get an InputStream and/or OutputStream object.

Getting Started-> For instructions how to install JUDS, see the README file.

-> For an example how to use JUDS, see TestUnixDomainSocket.java.

Unix domain sockets vs. internet socketsThis mailing list posting explains briefly the main differences of Unix domain sockets and internet sockets. In doing so, it touches both application level and kernel level aspects.

Differences regarding

level of abstraction complexity security and performance are highlighted.


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