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KCacheGrind is a KDE application built using the Qt Toolkit and KDE Frameworks that provides a convenient graphical interface in which to visualize profiling data gathered while benchmarking the performance of software in active development. It's mainly used as visualization frontend for data measured by the Cachegrind/Callgrind tools from the Valgrind tools, but there are converters for other measurement tools available as well.

* direct support for profiles generated by Cachegrind/Callgrind
* support for arbitrary event types and derived event types
* sorted function list, grouped according to ELF object/source or file/symbol namespaces (such as C++ classes)
* correct handling of recursive cycles (similar to GProf)


c++ callgrind developmenttool graphviz kcachegrind kde oprofile performance perl php profiler profiling qt valgrind visualization

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