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This Google Code project exists as a fork of what was originally the Yale Java CAS Client (and prior to that, the Java portion of the general Yale CAS Client library).

Subsequently, the JA-SIG CAS project, primarily Scott Battaglia, have brought into being a JA-SIG Java CAS Client. That is a Good Thing. It's next-generation. It's Springy. It's got shared source control and a maintenance stream. Go use that.

However, that codebase does have a bit of an impedance mismatch for folks used to using the legacy CAS client. Where can the legacy folks track bugs, build out documentation, collaborate in shared source control, or just reliably get this code? Where can this code live? This is intended to be that place.


In a Nutshell, Legacy Java CAS Client...


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Apr 9 2016 — May 9 2016

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May 9 2015 — May 9 2016



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