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Posted over 8 years ago by nate
# Getting Ourselves Together: Lithium 0.10 So... I guess we haven't had a release since November. I suppose that's kind of a while. What can I say? We got stuck in a moment. And we couldn't get out of it. However, we certainly wouldn't go that ... [More] long without having some decent updates to show for it. In fact, thanks not just to the team, but the entire community, we have quite a bi... [Less]
Posted about 9 years ago by nate
## Lithium 0.9.9: 99 Problems But a Framework Ain't One Wow, we haven't been _here_ in a little while. My, where has the time gone? With the summer, everything kind of slowed down, which these things tend to do. Myself and other members of the ... [More] core team got busy with building new startups, and others got new jobs. Our project manager,[ Garrett](http://twitter.com/gwoo) has taken ... [Less]
Posted about 9 years ago by nate
# Workshops, Meetups and Conferences, Oh My! So, you might have noticed that things have seemed to be a little too quiet around here lately. Between the typical summer slowdown, dev team members joining new startups, and more than a few speaking ... [More] engagements, we have, needless to say, gotten off our tightly-regimented release schedule. Sorry y'all, my bad. [Less]
Posted over 9 years ago by nate
# Lithium 0.9.5: Don't Stop Till You Get Enough Just a week and a half after 0.9, the Lithium team are very proud to announce version 0.9.5. This does not put us off of our standard release schedule, but we've done so much this week that we ... [More] wanted to push an interim release, so that our developer community can try out these great features: **HTTP Auth Adapter**:... [Less]
Posted over 9 years ago by nate
# Lithium 0.9: The Lambdas-are-awesome! Edition I'm very excited to announce the immediate release of Lithium 0.9 ([download now!](http://rad-dev.org/lithium/versions)). Three weeks and [wiki:releases/0_9 80 changes] after 0.8, this release moves ... [More] us much closer to 1.0. A few of the new features include: **ErrorHandler**: The `ErrorHandler` class provides a highly ... [Less]
Posted over 9 years ago by nate
# Lithium 0.8 - And then there were 2 With just two more releases to go, we're closing in on the final stable API for the Lithium framework. Soon, businesses will be able to adopt the framework for their development, confident in the knowledge ... [More] that it provides a solid, stable API to build on. However, we're already very excited to see some advanced early adopters, ... [Less]
Posted over 9 years ago by nate
As St. Patrick's Day approaches and before we get too preoccupied with celebrating, we have the latest release of Lithium ready for consumption. Lithium 0.7 received 170 commits from 6 different developers and puts us one step closer to a stable ... [More] release. From day one, Lithium placed a high importance on document oriented database support. We continue to believe that rapidly buil... [Less]
Posted over 9 years ago by Archer
## Lithium 0.6: Big Improvements A Brewin' If you've been keeping up with the timeline for the past three weeks, then you've most likely noticed that there has been a flurry of activity on Lithium as we gear towards a stable release. For ... [More] `lithium-0.6`, There are quite a few backwards-incompatible changes to note: - Created a new top-level namespac... [Less]
Posted almost 10 years ago by intel352
## Lithium 0.5, half way there. #### The Lithium team is happy to announce the release of [version 0.5](http://rad-dev.org/lithium/versions). Judging by the version number, we are half way to the first stable release of Lithium. The Lithium ... [More] team continues it's steady progress with a release every 3 weeks, and even the formation of [wiki:/blog/iteration-friday iter... [Less]
Posted almost 10 years ago by nate
# iFriday Strikes Back Since today is our second iFriday in as many weeks, I thought I'd post a little update. As of today, we've merged over 60 commits to the in-progress Lithium 0.5 on features ranging from code introspection to language ... [More] handling, as well as [sparked a bit of interest](http://iteration-friday.net/) in the "Iteration Friday" idea. Also today, I'd ... [Less]