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The Linux Cross-Reference project is the testbed application of a general hypertext cross-referencing tool. Its main goal is to create a versatile cross-referencing tool for relatively large code repositories. The main feature of the indexer is the ability to jump easily to the declaration of any global identifier. Quick access to function declarations, data (type) definitions and preprocessor macros makes code browsing more convenient. At-a-glance overview of which code areas will be affected by changing a function or type definition should also come in useful during development and debugging.

Please note that the CVS repository is now superseded by a Git repository and is frozen roughly to its October 2014 state.


reference search indexing web cross-reference linux development c++ kernel tools browser programming coding computing source library code

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Oct 17 2016 — Nov 16 2016

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Nov 16 2015 — Nov 16 2016
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