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mojoPortal is a cross platform web site framework and content management system written in C# and targeting .NET on Windows and Mono on Linux. mojoPortal can use MS SQL Server, MySql, PostgreSQL, SQLite, or Firebird Sql for the database.

Note: The only GPL software included is for support for MySQL. We do not ship a version of mojoPortal pre-configured for use with MySQL to avoid conflicts with the GPL. We ship a data layer for MySQL also licensed under the GPL but the end user/installer must replace the pre-configured data layer dlls with the MySQL version to use mojoPortal with MySQL. As such our distribution of GPL software is mere aggregation. mojoPortal using any other data layer includes no GPL code.

Note: lines of code excludes all external open source projects used.


blog calendar cms cms_focus collaboration content_management cross-platform dynamic_content e-commerce file_sharing firebird forum gallery intranet ldap portal rss rss_aggregator site_management syndication web webmail

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