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Welcome to the project home of the Mono/SH4 port made by STMicroelectronics.

StatusThe SH4 port of Mono has reached the "alpha" state. Fearless developers can give it a try using this binary package:

This current version of Mono/SH4 is able to run, for instance, the Mono C# compilers or IronPython against simple sources, but it is not complete enough to run IKVM. Actually the runtime test suite revealed 26 failures over 364 tests.

Beside SH4-specific fixes and optimizations, we are now working on the beta version to provide a decent support for GCC4NET generated code, IronPython, IKVM, and Boo interpreter/compiler. It will also provide the following features:

varargs support (issue 7) debug support AOT compilation efficie


jit mono sh4 st40

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