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(This is the Netdisco 2 project)

Netdisco is a network management application targeted at large corporate and university networks. Data is collected into a SQL database using SNMP and presented with a web interface and CLI.

Designed for moderate to large networks, configuration information and connection data for network devices are retrieved by SNMP. Layer-2 topology protocols such as CDP and LLDP optionally provides automatic discovery of the network topology. Netdisco gets all its data via SNMP polls and DNS queries. It does not use CLI access and has no need for privilege passwords.

The project was originally written by Max Baker and is now lead by a community of developers, headed by Oliver Gorwits, Jeroen van Ingen Schenau, and Eric Miller.


switch topology arp mason tools router site_management administration snmp cisco perl networking admin discovery nms monitoring monitor inventory server logging sysadmin network_monitoring graph management

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