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Posted 4 days ago by Ryan Day
While demand for TV services is being disrupted and subscribers are expecting more personalized experiences, operators need to satisfy customer video demands to stay competitive.
Posted 4 days ago by assafmuller
Adding new configuration options has a cost, and makes already complex projects (Hi Neutron!) even more so. Double so when we speak of architecture choices, it means that we have to test and document all permutations. Of course, we don’t always do ... [More] that, nor do we test all interactions between deployment options and other advanced features, […] [Less]
Posted 4 days ago by Stefano Maffulli
If you’re buying diamonds or an artist hoping to get paid fairly from Spotify, thank Hyperledger. The post Why blockchains are good for the cloud, too appeared first on OpenStack Superuser.
Posted 4 days ago by Naveen Joy
Cloud Security is currently top of mind for IT. In this blog post, I will provide a 10 point checklist to help you secure your OpenStack Neutron networking service. Ensure that you use “Defense in depth” as the primary security strategy and deploy a ... [More] series of defensive mechanisms, as no single method exists for successfully protecting your entire service. This strategy ensures that even if one mechanism is compromised, another will be there to defend against the attack. Design network security in layers. So, instead of creating a single layer of network security protection at the perimeter, apply network security to every layer of the network, every component of the networking service and the communication channel. [Less]
Posted 4 days ago by Aptira
The post OpenStack Australia Day Melbourne – Agenda Announced appeared first on Aptira Cloud Solutions.
Posted 4 days ago by Dougal Matthews
I use Gerrit every day, and it often feels like I am using it all day too. Over time I have started to develop a workflow that helps me more effectively manage the large volume of OpenStack reviews. tl;dr - skip the the bottom to see the dashboards I use …
Posted 4 days ago by Doug Smith
Helm is THE Kubernetes Package Manager. Think of it like a way to yum install your applications, but, in Kubernetes. You might ask, “Heck, a deployment will give me most of what I need. Why don’t I just create a pod spec?” The thing is that Helm will ... [More] give you a way to template those specs, and give you a workflow for managing those templates by what it calls “charts”. Today we’ll go ahead and step through the process of installing Helm, installing a pre-built pod given an existing chart, and then we’ll make an existing chart of our own and deploy it – and we’ll change some template values so that it runs in a couple different ways. Ready? Anchors aweigh… [Less]
Posted 4 days ago by Shaun O'Meara
Just before the OpenStack Summit we gave a webinar introducing Mirantis Cloud Platform. Here are the answers to your questions.
Posted 5 days ago by Sahdev Zala
Co-Authors: Miguel Caballer, PhD @micafe77 Alvaro Lopez Garcia, PhD @alvaretas The European Grid Infrastructure (EGI) Conference 2017 and INDIGO-DataCloud (INtegrating Distributed data Infrastructures for Global ExplOitation) Summit 2017 recently ... [More] took place in Catania, Italy from May 9-12 2017. I had the honor of being a Keynote speaker, and for me this was the first time attending any […] The post Cloud Computing for Better Science – Recap of EGI Conference and INDIGO-DataCloud Summit 2017 appeared first on IBM OpenTech. [Less]
Posted 5 days ago by Major Hayden
I opened up a noVNC console to a virtual machine today in my OpenStack cloud but found that the console wouldn’t take keyboard input. The Send Ctrl-Alt-Del button in the top right of the window worked just fine, but I couldn’t type anywhere in the ... [More] console. This happened on an Ocata OpenStack cloud deployed with […] The post Fixing OpenStack noVNC consoles that ignore keyboard input appeared first on major.io. [Less]