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OpenCrowbar Framework and Core Infrastructure Components

Crowbar (see Oholo crowbar-v1) started in 2011 and has been primarily developed by the Dell and SUSE as a OpenStack installer (http://OpenStack.org) but has evolved as a much broader function tool. It is a wrapper for Opscode Chef Server (http://opscode.com)

In January 2014, the v2 of the project was forked into the OpenCrowbar project. Both versions are still in active development.

Much of the design information about Crowbar v1 and v2 has been published on Rob Hirschfeld's Blog (http://robhirschfeld.com).

The code and documentation is distributed under the Apache 2 license (http://www.apache.org/licenses/LICENSE-2.0.html). Contributions back to the source are encouraged.



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