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Analyzed 6 months ago. based on code collected about 2 years ago.
Posted 5 months ago by Adam Young
I finally got a right-sized flavor for an OpenShift deployment: 25 GB Disk, 4 VCPU, 16 GB Ram. With that, I tore down the old cluster and tried to redeploy. Right now, the deploy is failing at the stage of … Continue reading →
Posted 5 months ago by Docker Enterprise Team
Today, we’re excited to announce the general availability of Docker Enterprise 3.0 – the only desktop-to-cloud enterprise container platform enabling organizations to build and share any application and securely run them anywhere - from hybrid cloud to the edge.
Posted 5 months ago by Marian Chelmus
Fleio version 2019.12 is now available! The latest version was published today, 2019-01-16. Operations user interface With the 2020.01 release we have added a new user interface feature: Operations We decided to add this feature in order to improve the way that some tasks were being done and to make all the preparations to move […]
Posted 5 months ago by Adam Young
The OpenShift installer is fairly specific in what it requires, and will not install into a virtual machine that does not have sufficient resources. These limits are: 16 GB RAM 4 Virtual CPUs 25 GB Disk Space This is fairly … Continue reading →
Posted 5 months ago by Dan Prince
Keystone deploy and upgrade with an OpenShift/Kubernetes Operator
Posted 5 months ago by Rain Leander
Welcome to the new DECADE! It was super awesome to run the blog script and see not one, not two, but THREE new articles by the amazing Adam Young who tinkered with Keystone, TripleO, and containers over the break. And while Lars only wrote one ... [More] article, it’s the ultimate guide to the Open Virtual Network within OpenStack. Sit back, relax,... Read more → [Less]
Posted 5 months ago by Slawek Kaplonski
Short background For the past few years I have been an OpenStack Neutron contributor, core reviewer and now even the project’s PTL. One of my responsibilities in the community is taking care of our CI system for Neutron. As part of this job I have to ... [More] constantly check how various CI jobs are working and if the reasons for their failure are related to the patch or the CI itself. [Less]
Posted 6 months ago by Adam Young
Now that I can run the TripleO version of Keystone via podman, I want to try running it in OpenShift. Here is my first hack at a deployment yaml. Note that it looks really similar to the keystone-db-init I got … Continue reading →
Posted 6 months ago by Adam Young
My recent forays into running containerized Keystone images have been based on a Centos base image with RPMs installed on top of it. But TripleO does not run this way; it runs via containers. Some notes as I look into … Continue reading →
Posted 6 months ago by Sunny Cai
On December 15 -16 this week, the 10th China Open Source Hackathon officially started in Beijing, featuring OpenStack, Kata Containers and StarlingX. The post The 10th China Open Source Hackathon Recap: Projects, Talks, and More appeared first on Superuser.