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This is the first OpenStreetMap-Editor for Android, known as "Vespucci". If you want to get a first impression about this software, have a look to the screenshots. Furthermore, feel free to download and share the code.

The app is available from the google play store, github and F-Droid. We provide regular test and beta builds.

If you're interested in this project, you're welcome to help improving it. We need UI-designers, translators, and of course java-programmers. Join now!

Join our mailinglist or contact us via our repo.


android blaude editor Editor g1 map openstreetmap OpenStreetMap openstreetmaps osm vespucci

In a Nutshell, Vespucci (osmeditor4android)...

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Jul 17 2017 — Aug 16 2017

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Aug 16 2016 — Aug 16 2017
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