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Backup P2P is an open source peer-to-peer backup system doing automated and secured backups inside your own trusted community (Jabber, XMPP).
Each user shares some available space on his disk with his contacts, to be able in return to remotely backup some of his own data.


* Backups can be scheduled in any time range that suits you.
* Backup P2P uses the Jabber IM community, which counts over 200 million users.
* Data is encrypted using the well-proven standard AES 128, but soon-coming version will allow to use different cryptographic providers and custom key length.
* We use a rsync-like algorithm/protocol to perform incremental backups and thus limit the bandwidth require


backup cryptography distributed filesharing file_sharing incremental_backup java multiplatform p2p peer-to-peer rsync

In a Nutshell, Backup P2P - Secured peer-to-peer backup...

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Jun 25 2016 — Jul 25 2016

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Jul 25 2015 — Jul 25 2016


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