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PHP-Qt is a language binding for Qt that allows you to write Qt application with the PHP language. Its goal is being a base and supplement for further bindings such as Akonadi, Plasma and other KDE related software as well as enabling PHP developers to write desktop applications.

PHP version 5, with its new object oriented features, turned into a language that can be used for writing desktop software. A widely believed legend says PHP is a web-oriented language, but in truth the language itself cannot be web oriented, in contrast to an interpreter, such as the Zend engine which is focused on web environments. We support Zend engine, but also we're working on support for the Roadsend Compiler which gives users the capability to compile their software into binaries.


api binding bindings c++ cplusplus cross-platform cross-plattform development framework gui gui_designer gui_framework mac macos macosx mac_os_x model-view-controller object_oriented osx php qt qt4 toolkit unix widgets x11

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