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Posted 3 days ago by guenter
In the first week of December two significant events for the German and European software engineering community will take place in Germany. The Embedded Software Engineering Congress – Germany’s biggest congress for professional embedded software ... [More] engineering – will take place from November 30 to December 4 in Sindelfingen. And December 4 and 5 the Meeting […] [Less]
Posted 3 months ago by guenter
After having it open for 20 days, I have closed our POCO Usage survey today. We’ve collected 53 responses in total which is not really that much but at least something to work with. So, without further ado, here are the results: Question 1: Which POCO libraries are you currently using in your project? We […]
Posted 4 months ago by guenter
I’ve created a short survey on SurveyMonkey to get some insights how POCO is being used. Please take it – should not take more than three minutes. Your input will help us make future POCO releases better. Thank you!
Posted 4 months ago by guenter
Release 1.6.1 of the POCO C++ Libraries is available. This is a maintenance release and contains fixes for issues found in 1.6.0. We’ve also added support for Visual Studio 2015. Please refer to the CHANGELOG for the details.
Posted 5 months ago by alex
POCO was featured in the Episode 18 on CppCast.
Posted 5 months ago by guenter
I spent the last week traveling, first to Paris, to attend the Sierra Wireless Innovation Summit, then to Oslo for NDC. At the Innovation Summit in Paris, Sierra Wireless introduced a new open hardware project called Project mangOH. This is basically a base board for Sierra Wireless (and also other manufacturer’s) embedded modules, based on […]
Posted 6 months ago by guenter
I’ll be giving a talk at this year’s NDC Oslo on Thursday, June 18. My talk is titled “Building IoT Device Applications in JavaScript and C++” and I’ll speak about my experience in building macchina.io, combining POCO with the V8 JavaScript engine and a couple of other really cool C++ frameworks. I’ll be at the […]
Posted 6 months ago by guenter
I’ll be at the Sierra Wireless Innovation Summit, a full-day IoT Innovation conference in Paris on June 17. Meet me there to see a demo of macchina.io, my new really cool POCO-based platform for building IoT gateways and devices. The event features technical and business tracks, plenty of real-life use cases, an exciting showroom with […]
Posted 9 months ago by guenter
The POCO C++ Libraries are now available via biicode, in the following versions: fenix/poco (develop) -> changing continuously fenix/poco (v1.6.0) fenix/poco (v1.5.4) fenix/poco (v1.4.7p1) The following post has been contributed by Fran Ramírez from ... [More] the biicode team. You can also find the original post on the biicode blog. Benefits biicode is a file based dependency […] [Less]
Posted 9 months ago by guenter
Today is the 10th anniversary of the first public release of POCO on SourceForge. Here’s my first entry from the CHANGELOG: Release 0.91.1 (2005-02-21) =========================== This is the first public release of the C++ Portable Components. The ... [More] release does not contain all features planned for the later 1.0 release (the NET library is missing, for […] [Less]