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pyjamas is a port of Google's GWT to Python. It provides a stand-alone python-to-javascript compiler, an AJAX framework and library and a Widget Set framework that looks very similar to Desktop widget sets such as pyqt4 and pygkt2.

With pyjamas, rich media applications can be written entirely in python that run in all major web browsers.

As of version 0.6, Pyjamas Desktop is now included by default, making it possible to run pyjamas python applications - unmodified - as native python Desktop applications. All HTML, CSS and plugin features are still available, even in the browser version, thanks to the use of browser engine technology. WebKit, XULRunner and MSHTML are the three current available options.


ajax compiler cross-browser cross-browserajax cross-desktop cross-platform cross-widgetset desktop dom firefox framework gchart gchart-python gui gwt gwtcanvas gwtcanvas-python hulahop ie ie6 ie7 ie8 java javascript jsonrpc konqueror library mozilla mshtml netscape notjava opera programming pygwt pyjamasdesktop python safari ui web widgets widget-set xpcom xulrunner

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